Lightning Detection for Golf Courses & Schools

Golf Courses & Schools Lightning Detection Systems


In addition to our variety of Consumer & Professional Weather Stations with Lightning Detection, we are also able to offer your school, sports facility or golf course very advanced lightning detection systems.


South Africa is no stranger to intense lightning strikes which cause a great amount of damage including loss of life. With a lightning strike detection system you will know when trouble is imminent and will be able to take action to save lives and protect your assets.


How a lightning warning system and online portal benefits your facility?

  • Keeps players safe from lightning
  • Less hassle and more reliable with a fully automated system
  • Measuring of grounded lightning strikes means fewer false alarms
  • Keep players informed of duration of delays in play
  • Monitor your exact location 24/7 within a 15km safety zone
  • Real-time access to changing weather conditions via exclusive online weather portal
  • High quality product means long-term solution
  • 1-year guarantee on equipment

Through our partners we can offer your facility the most advanced lightning protection systems in South Africa with full backup and support.


How does a lightning warning system work?

Golf Courses & Schools Lightning Detection Systems
  1. Our partner service monitors the entire country for grounded lightning strikes using the South African Weather Service’s national lightning detection network.
  2. When a lightning strike occurs within a 10-15km safety zone around your grounds they spring into action:
    1. They automatically trigger a siren through our alarm WISBOB system installed at your grounds and we activate a spinning strobe light as a visual confirmation of the danger condition.
    2. They send a confirmation email and/or SMS to your grounds staff, coaches and sports directors confirming the lightning strike.
  3. This notifies players to head for shelter
  4. When lightning has been clear for 15 and/or 30 minutes at your discretion we notify you by alarm, SMS and/or e-mail to resume play. We also deactivate the spinning strobe light as a visual confirmation.

Note: At any point, you can log into the online portal to monitor the storm in real time as well as its projected path.

Golf Courses & Schools Lightning Detection Systems


What equipment do we require?

To complement your Lightning Warning System and Online Portal, we strongly recommend that you install the GSM relay system that communicates with the lightning warning system. Once lightning is recorded in your safety zone, we send a message to the GSM relay system which then triggers a siren and strobe light which acts as a signal for players to move to safety and we send a message to your sports and facilities staff (up to 10 mobile devices).

The GSM relay system is fit with a siren that carries an audible signal for up to 700 metres. Due to the varying sizes of facilities, you may require additional outstations to reticulate the audible signal. Each outstation acts as a local radio-frequency receiver to communicate with the GSM unit, and includes a siren and strobe, thus allowing you to cover your entire facility.

Our partners have a dedicated team who handle all your installation requirements and training.


What maintenance is required?

We have a one-year warranty on the GSM unit. The average lifecycle of our product is five years, which means that you don’t have to regularly service or replace the equipment – unlike cheaper alternatives. We also have a dedicated team that is available for maintenance as per your requirements.


How long does it take to install?

Once you have placed your order we usually have a two-week turnaround. However, this varies according to demand.


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