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Skyscan Detect Lightning & Storms within 60km of you

  • Skyscan Lightning Detector Powered by two 9V batteries (not included): automatic shut-off after five hours of continuous operation
  • Rugged ABS plastic
  • Detect the presence of lightning/thunderstorm activity occurring within 60 km / 40 miles of your location
  • Severe thunderstorm alarm and emits a distinctive 15 second continuous audible tone different from the detection of normal lightning activity
  • Accurate to within 1-3 km 97 percent of the time
  • Powered by two 9-volt batteries (not included) for 40 – 70 hours of operation

XTREME RESEARCH SKYSCANX SkyScan Lightning/Storm Detector (EA)

Detect lightning and thunderstorms within 60 kilometres from you

Used by Little League teams, golf courses, and recreational districts, SkyScan gives you advance weather warning technology you can use at home, indoors or out, and take wherever you go, for any kind of outdoor sports and recreation. SkyScan offers you the ability to detect the presence of lightning/thunderstorm activity occurring within 40 miles of your location. SkyScan detects the characteristic electromagnetic emissions from individual lightning strokes and uses patented technology to determine the distance to the detected stroke. The distances are indicated in four ranges: 0-3 miles; 3-8 miles; 8-20 miles; and 20-40 miles. This allows you to track the approach of dangerous storm activity.

Since SkyScan allows you to know the level of activity of the storm, it determines if it is moving towards, away or parallel to your position. Each time SkyScan detects a lightning stroke, it emits an audible warning tone (if this feature has been turned on by the user) and lights the Range Indicator column. The full column stays lit for approximately 3 seconds. This feature allows you to see the distance to the last, closest detected stroke without waiting for SkyScan to detect a new stroke.

Your SkyScan may also identify certain types of especially strong storms. These storms can produce dangerous winds, heavy rains or tornadoes. When SkyScan detects lightning patterns indicating the presence of these storms, it activates the Severe Thunderstorm Alarm and emits a distinctive 15 second continuous audible tone different from the detection of normal lightning activity. Once activated, the severe thunderstorm alarm remains on for approximately 15 minutes. At the end of this period, the SkyScan checks again for indications of severe storm activity. If none is detected, the Severe Thunderstorm Alarm is turned off. If severe thunderstorm conditions are still detected, the indicator remains on for another 15 minutes, accompanied by another 15 second warning tone.

SkyScan is designed to operate in a vertical position. The case is designed for proper orientation when placed on a flat, stable surface. An alternative is to use the Optional Wall Mount (see the Accessory Order Form included with this manual). If the SkyScan is used in any other fashion, loss of accuracy and sensitivity may result.

The unit is accurate to within 1 to 2 miles 97 percent of the time. One of the most important advantages of using this unit is that the user can detect a thunderstorm as far away as 40 miles. This gives the user approximately 1-1/2 hours warning as the average storm in most parts of the country travels at approximately 25 miles an hour. SkyScan has ranges (20-40, 8-20, 3-8, and 0-3) allowing the user to easily tell if the storm is moving towards, away, or parallel to their location. Each time the SkyScan unit detects a lightning strike within one of the ranges, the unit will display a rising column of lights for three seconds with each stroke. For example, if it detects a strike in the 3-8 mile range, the 20-40, 8-20 and the 3-8 lights would illuminate for three seconds. The 3-89 light would then blink for 60 seconds telling the user where the closest lightning strike had been within the past minute. The unit will continue to monitor the storm so that each time the unit sees a lightning stroke, the lights would continue to illuminate for three seconds. It also incorporates an audible tone that the user can either have “On” or “Off”, and if “On”, the user can set the range where the tone will sound.

SkyScan uses the latest electronic and computer technology to provide the most accurate information possible. However, thunderstorms are a dangerous and rapidly changing weather phenomenon. The information about storm activity obtained from your SkyScan should always be used in conjunction with information from your local weather professionals. Common sense and extreme caution should always be used when confronting lightning and thunderstorm activity.Because the average stroke of lightning is 6 miles long, and because thunderstorms can move at speeds of up to 25 mile per hour or more, you are in immediate danger any time there is detected lightning activity within 8-10 miles of your location. You must also remember that SkyScan does not predict where the next lightning stroke might occur. Thunderstorms are unpredictable and should be considered extremely dangerous. Be aware that storms can form directly over you location, offering little to no advance warning, even when using a SkyScan.

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